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We Cover A Wide Area

  • Dallas County
  • Rockwall County
  • Collin County
  • Kaufman County
  • Some of Hunt County
  • Some of Tarrant County


Dog training is a service that must be accommodating to the client. That is why we provide services that our clients feel fit their own personal needs. Including:

  • Personal in Home Training Sessions

    This is one the most convenient service. Where we come to your home and do all the training. This is preferred for clients with a busy schedule. Private in Home sessions are necessary for dogs with behavioral issues that need to be addressed. Our programs are designed to not only help deal with the issues at hand but to also set a solid foundation for the dog. Our in home program starts with scheduling your first appointment at you home. We will discuss issues that you are having with your pup and formulate a plan of action together and identify about possible reasons for this behavior. I use this information to create your custom training plan. We will then decide what program is best suited for your family, the 3 or the 5 session program. This will include a variety of training skills and socialization. Programs rates are discounted from an individual session rate. Individual session rates are available by request. Individual rates are $150 per session. However, paying per session does not guarantee weekly placement on the trainers calendar. The rate for each program is a 3 Session is $285, a 5 Session is $475.

  • Group Obedience Classes

    We work with Vet Clinics to provide obedience classes on their location. Animal Hospital of Rowlett and Animal Hospital of Heath.

    6 Week Obedience class. Teach you dog basic obedience 2 one hour sessions where we teach you how to train your own dog. We will teach you clicker mechanics and give you the tools you need to train your dog using positive reinforcement. We have recently started doing group classes at the Veterinary Behavior Solutions The Training Studio. Classes offered at the Studio are all offered by thoroughly screened and certified trainers. Screening process and what classes are offered are done by Dr Florsheim (Veterinary Behaviorist). To see what is being offered and to sign up for class go to:  

  • C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life and Social Skills) Group and Private classes and testing

    C.L.A.S.S. Is a certification course aimed at teaching the dog life and social skills.

    For more information go to

  • CGC Preparation Class and Testing

    Training for the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test By the American Kennel Club.

  • Service Dog Training and Certification

    Our Service Dog Training program is extensive. With over 13 years experience working with Service Dogs we can provide specific training for many disabilities. Our program consists of appointments in our Service Dog Group class, individual sessions, and virtual appointments. 

We train the disabled and their service dogs for:

  • Mobility support such as for balance, transferring and wheelchair assistance
  • Retrieval of objects, opening and closing doors and cabinets, and other active task work
  • Retrieval of another person for assistance
  • Seizure and medical response
  • Food allergy detection upon cued request
  • Psychiatric disabilities such as anxiety, depression, personality disorder and PTSD.
  • Diabetic alert
  • Autism and learning disabilities
  • Hearing alert

This program starts with an Initial Consultation at the cost of $125. This appointment time runs about 1 1/2 hours long. We meet at your home, or in virtual appointment format. This appointment will help to asses the level in which your dog may be on. Be it starting with finding a dog for training, or only task training needs. From this appointment we can assess the point of where we need to start and create you customized training plan. These training plans can be very extensive. All dog teams will start training with the completion of a CGC Evaluation prior to being tested for Public Access. Our Public Access testing follows criteria set and followed by Service Dog Organizations worldwide. We will provide testing and Certification is through Canine Solutions Dallas. We highly respect and train to the standards outline for Non-Profit Organizations Assistance Dogs International. However, we highly recommend after completion of training and testing that the team join IAADP as a Partner Member. International Association of Assistance Dog Partners is an Origination Created to support excellence in Industry Standards for working dog teams world wide. More information can be found on

More involved training could require a session daily. Most will only need 1-2 sessions per week. If the dog is young you may only need a session once every two weeks. Pricing for Service Dog Training depends on the level of training needed. But are usually paid on a monthly basis at a rate of $300 for 1 session per week or every forth completed appointment. We highly suggest you keep track of your appointments. We do keep detailed records of these appointments, however it is time consuming to have to go back in our records to provide information on previous weeks and months appointments. If necessary to do so it could be charged as a training appointment.

Upon signing up for the long term training program we require a deposit of half of the final months training to be paid at on the first month. This deposit is $150 paid on the first month is deducted from the last month's fees. Leaving the final month to be $150. This is a deposit for purposes of completing a set period of time in training with CSD as is suggested in industry standards. A required 3 months minimum is set in place. This means to apply the deposit to your final month your must complete at least 3 months with CSD. If you cancel the program prior to 3 months you forfeit this deposit. 

Tasks, work, and assistance a service dog can learn many ways in which to assist an individual with a disability. Some service dog provider organizations tailor training of each dog to each potential partner, while others may train all dogs with the same skill set and partner their dogs only with a specific group of individuals whose disabilities may be assisted by those skills. Owner-trainers generally train their own service dogs to perform work or to do tasks which aid directly with their own disabilities. Canine Solutions Dallas provides training for the service dog team going through the training process themselves. This cuts out a significant amount of time necessary for transfer of the dog from home to home. As well as the dog needing to learn a new person all over again. Tasks are utilized at a much earlier age. The team is better prepared for outside distractions together. 

Psychiatric service dogs.

​Psychiatric Service Dogs are task trained service dogs recognized by the ADA as a Service Dog used for a disability. This is often the one type of service dog status that is often abused by members of the general public that are training to book flights with their dog for free, or take their dog into public locations with them. Psychiatric disabilities are invisible and thus cannot be characterized by the naked eye. However, these service dogs are very much the life line of their handlers. One list of potential tasks a service dog might be trained to perform to assist an individual with a psychiatric disability includes the following:

  • bringing medication to alleviate symptoms
  • retrieving an emergency phone in crisis situations
  • providing tactile stimulation
  • turning on lights and searching rooms prior to a partner entering
  • alerting their handler to an impending anxiety attack
  • providing DPT (deep pressure therapy) to calm their handler
  • interrupting their handler from performing dangerous repetitive behaviors (such as scratching, hitting their head, etc)
  • interrupting a panic attack, flashback, major depressive episode, or anxiety attack
  • interrupting nightmares/terrors
  • retrieving dropped items
  • alerting to the sound of a doorbell or fire alarm
  • carrying items
  • opening and closing doors
  • providing counterbalance or balance support
  • steadying a partner while transferring from a wheelchair


Training Results: Trainer agrees to provide private lessons for Client and Dog on a lesson-by-lesson basis. The goal being to teach the client to train and work with their dog. These lessons will take place at the Clients home unless otherwise specified by trainer. Trainer will make every reasonable effort to help Client achieve training and behavior modification goals but makes no guarantee of Dog’s performance or behavior as a result of providing professional animal behavior modification, work with dog daily as is recommended, and consistently reinforce training being given to the dog.

Cancellation Policy: If Client fails to give at least 24 hour cancellation notice, or is not present at time of scheduled appointment, session fees are still due. For package deal, the session will be counted as one session. However, if trainer cancels any appointments Client is not charged for the appointment and the session is added to extend out the end of the program in which the client is on.

Refund Policy: We have a no refund policy unless the training is cancelled by a Trainer from Canine Solutions Dallas. The payments made cover more than just the time frame spent with the Client and Dog. Payment also covers time spent for setting appointments, creating training plan per session, phone calls, etc. If Client cancels training prior to program being completed there will not be a no refund for the perceived remaining of the package. These sessions are good for the duration of one calendar year.

Extenuating Circumstances: We understand there are some circumstances that are out of the individuals control. These circumstances are agreed on by both the CSD Staff and client, are the only reason a refund may be given. Programs are purchased as a whole, thus if a cancelation is deemed necessary by CSD staff and client the program is null and void and the completed session(s) are charged on an individual basis at the rate of $95 per session. There will also be a $95 cancellation fee that is the equivalent to 1 of the training sessions. The client will also be charged for any phone consultations or any other correspondence made between CSD staff and client. The remainder will be the only refund given.